Leadership Experience

Fun and challenging winter activities

Students will embark on a week-long winter adventure, including great outdoor activities ranging from snowshoe hikes and cross-country skiing in the Austrian countryside, tobogganing and snow-biking, first aid training, exciting team games and workshops, interactive leadership training, evaluation and personal feedback after each activity.

The St. Gilgen & SILC Winter Leadership Camp is packed with activities and experiences to build friendships for life!

Fully integrated activities

Below is a glimpse of the many available activities at our winter camp, all fully integrated with our leadership modules. All activities are suitable for all fitness and experience levels!
For the full day to day programme please reach out to us via the contact form.

  • Show shoe hike & Fauna and Flora
  • Glacier visit & Ice Climbing
  • Tobogganing
  • Ice Skating
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Igloo building and avalanche rescue training
  • Snow-biking
  • The amazing race & biathlon
  • Torch walk in the village
  • Bushcraft sessions
  • Our signature pyramid & catapult games
  • The navigation challenge
  • Film making and interview techniques with a top athlete at the Red Bull headquarters
  • The Boat Game; build a boat with your team and set sail!
  • And many more

Leadership experience & personal development

All of our activities are purposely designed to deliver learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Goal Setting, Time Management & Priorities
  • Communication skills, interviewing┬á& presentation skills
  • Global citizenship
  • Teamwork and team roles
  • Media training, video productions and social media
  • Well-being

Students are encouraged and motivated to develop their leadership skills throughout all activities during the week. During fun-filled workshops packed with games, students master the essence of some techniques which they can apply during all camp activities.

All workshops are highly interactive and are given by SILC Academy trainers who have over 11 years of experience working with students from the top schools around the world. All workshops involve dynamic presentations, games, evaluations and personal action plans – no dull classroom moments but learning while doing!

Senior trainers work with students around the clock to provide feedback and support on the learning outcomes during camp activities. Our trainers have extensive experience working with young leaders from all cultures around the world.

Measurable learning outcomes

The St. Gilgen & SILC Winter Leadership Camp collaborates with world-class organisations and educational groups to teach students relevant 21st Century skills. Students learn from industry leaders and our expert trainers, benefiting from a curricular framework developed in partnership with some of the top private schools around the world.

Students take the lead throughout the week, not only developing their leadership ability, but also refining the communication, teamwork and planning skills that help them to succeed both in the classroom, their exams and later life.

Each participant receives our Personal Action Plan at the end of the camp – a tool that has proven to help students with academic performance and provides an ongoing goal structure that can be discussed with parents and teachers.

Evaluations based on our measurable learning outcomes and performed by the SILC Academy and partner schools show that students apply our portfolio of 21st Century skills in their daily lives, at school, sports and when applying to university.


St. Gilgen & SILC Winter Leadership Camp

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